It would be great for members of our Club to come out and see our 2018 RotaryFloat at the new facility it was built and where it will be decorated.  This is 14 miles closer to us than the old Pasadena Facility.  It will be a fun event with heavy hors d'ouvers, wine, beer music etc. for only $45 each.
We will have about 5 proclamations from a State Senator, Assemblyman, and other Civic Leaders along with meeting some of the walker/riders, KCAL-9 and possibly KTLA-5 coverage.
As the first Chair of the event from our District (let alone our club) in the history of this Float, I would love to introduce my home club. This is where 75% of the Rose Parade Floats will be built and decorated.  Take a sneak peak at those that have been built.
Past members Jeff and Sue Shutt (will be rejoining) and Jack Winsten have made their reservations.  Carpooling is desired.