Please participate in a vital survey to help make the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Senior Center a reality; With community participation, alongside the Rotary International Foundation, a new senior center located in Lake Arrowhead is in the works. Please join us by taking a vital needs assessment survey and joining us in interactive community meetings: 
Wed May 15, 2024
at 5:30pm 

Sat May 18, 2024
 at 10:30am
The meetings are hosted in the Alpine Escrow community room in the Blue Jay Mall in Blue Jay. We look forward to seeing all come join in support of the mission. 
We are seeking ideas for a building location within Lake Arrowhead, and the possibility of a charitable donation of a building, or a long-term lease to help realize the vision. If you are interested in volunteering or have suggestions regarding a potential location, please contact Joyce-Patrick Eckert, Executive Board President, the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Senior Center at  or by email More information is available on the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Senior website 
CLICK HERE for more information; participate in a vital community survey; or to contact Joyce Patrick-Eckert, Rotarian & Executive President, Lake Arrowhead Rotary Senior Center. 
Posted May 7, 2024