PolaRotary Plunge Check,  a Shop Talk, and Rotarians Having Fun
At our July 18 meeting, Patrick Rains and Ron Doutt had the honor of providing a large check to the Mountain Communities Scholarship Fund.  Over the last ten years one million dollars was raised to support college scholarships.  This check will add to the fund.   Accepting the check was Neal Perkins.  Congratulations to all the jumpers and sponsors who supported the Scholarship Fund.
We also had a very interesting shop talk by newer member Ben Cardell.  After hearing Ben talk about all he has done, it makes some of us wonder what we have been doing.  Thank you Ben.
It also seems that our President, Cheryl Moxley, will be sharing with us a "quote for the week".  Here is her first one.
And here are a few pictures from our meeting.  Rotarians enjoying themselves and having fun.